The unit is responsible for six beds in the Orthopedics Department and works in conjunction with the Hand Rehabilitation Institute. The institute is an integral part of the unit’s activities and provides preparatory services before surgery, post-op rehab and general rehab of the hands.

The Unit runs a treatment clinic, a consultation service and a private medicine clinic. Dr. Zinger is also a member of a multi-disciplinary mobility clinic, the only one of its kind in Israel – a clinic dealing with complex paralysis problems stemming from the brain. We also cooperate with the Integrated Center for Complementary Medicine, and work on research projects together.

Our doctors have developed their own unique working methods, original surgery and special rehabilitation procedures.



Dr. Gershon Zinger, Unit Director
Dr. Genady Yudkevich, Hand Surgery Specialist
Dr. Alexander Bergman, Senior Physician
Dr. Michael Michaelevich, Hand Surgery Specialist

Mr. Tomer Zerbib, Research Assistant