Complex paralyses involving the hand – the Unit has vast international experience in this field, even developing treatment protocols for patients with spastic hands as a result of CP, brain damage after road accidents, strokes, and more.
Carpal Bones Malacia – we perform a range of operations to rehabilitate blood vessel failure in the wrist bones. We use some of the most advanced techniques in the world, which can rehabilitate the damaged bone or significantly improve functioning.  
Complicated breaks in the wrist – using minimal surgical intervention techniques.
Congenital defects – correcting Madellung Deformity, Club Hand, too many or too few fingers, lengthening fingers, etc.
Causalgia and other regional pain syndromes – complex treatment programs, special bandaging, provenly successful integration with alternative medicine.


The Unit for Hand Surgery treats these medical problems (and others):

Soft Tissue Diseases – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, Tennis Elbow and other syndromes.
Diseases connected to pressure on the nerves – Carpal Tunnel, pressure on the ulnar nerve in the hand, pressure on the ulnar nerve in the elbow, pressure on the radial nerve in the upper arm. 

Nerve and Tendon Injuries – stitching and rehabilitation, including transplants of missing parts or moving tendons. Breaks and dislocations of the hand bones, wrists and arms – treating complex problems using advanced techniques, such as internal splinting, pressure boards and metal screws. Today we also use perishable implants. The Unit performs surgery using minimally invasive techniques.
Vascular damage in the bones – we use advanced treatment techniques such as supplying new blood to the area of the dead cells through an implanted bone.
Children’s deformities (usually caused as a result of late or partial bone development) – surgical treatment – cutting bones and changing their directions, lengthening bones, stabilizing joints, separating connected fingers, moving tendons and muscles, turning a finger into a thumb, improving functioning in the hands, etc. 
Complex paralyses – CP and other brain damage, paralysis in the hands due to neck or spinal injury. We also provide surgical and rehabilitative treatment for paralyses caused at birth.
Removal of tumors in the soft tissue and bines and bone transplants.
We sometimes integrate alternative medical treatments, before and after surgery, and in rehabilitation.
Treatment of infections and toxic damage to the hands.