The Orthopedic Trauma Unit treats cases such as breaks in long bones, complex breaks or breaks that require joint replacement (shoulder, elbow, etc.) The Unit performs surgery in both a hospitalization framework and in a day hospital format, although most of our work is monitoring patients after treatment.

The Unit is a pioneer in using innovative techniques to splint breaks, such as MIPO (Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis.

Our doctors are on call in the ER Orthopedic Trauma Room and they treat patients with localized trauma and with trauma in multiple areas (with doctors from the General Surgery Department.)

Among the treatments offered:
•    Splinting breaks using a transdermal (across the skin) approach
•    Splinting breaks externally
•    Treating crushed bones within a joint by replacing the joint
•    Rehabilitation and post-op monitoring
•    Treating complications after breakage: longer connection than necessary, lack of healing, correcting deformities, etc.
•    Open breaks, including damage to soft tissue (with the Plastic Surgery Department)