Our doctors specialize in the following fields of excellence (among others):
•    Hearing aid implants and complicated ear surgery
•    Head and neck tumor (benign and malignant) surgery, including throat and larynx
•    Thyroid gland, salivary gland and other gland surgery
•    Surgery to improve nasal breathing, endoscopic sinus operations and esthetic nose surgery
•    Tracheostomies (helps deliver oxygen more easily to the lungs, improves breathing) in babies, children and adults
•    Treatment for snoring and apnea (stopping breathing during sleep) in children and adults
•    A variety of ENT problems in babies and children
•    Treatment and surgery for voice issues

Special Institutes and Clinics within the Otolaryngology Department:
•    Audiology and Speech Institute
•    ENG Institute
•    Pediatric ENT Clinic