The Pediatric Emergency Unit (ICU) at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center treats children from birth through 18 in critical situations:
•    Extreme cases such as major infections (septicemia), respiratory failure requiring resuscitation and congenital deficiencies.
•    Children needing supervision and treatment after various operations – system failures, windpipe and respiratory system, digestive system, orthopedic operations and more.
•    Children needing treatment and supervision after special operations or abnormal blood cell catheterization.
•    Children suffering from kidney failure and needing stabilization and first response treatment including initial dialysis on babies with precise monitoring. 
•    Children after accidents, terror attacks, burns and other emergencies.
•    Children suffering from chronic diseases needing special supervision.

The unit’s staff is on standby 24 hours a day to resuscitate children in the hospital. The unit also performs painful procedures under sedation, such as diagnostic and treatment-focused bronchoscopies, bone marrow biopsies and long term catheter insertion and removal. This service is provided for all children in the hospital and for ambulatory patients.

The unit team provides treatment back-up and manages problematic situations of children undergoing procedures in the hospital, including in the operating theaters, the gastro clinic and bronchoscopies. In addition, the team gives advice in cases when a child is in operational danger or in chronic or future resuscitation cases.