When parents first hear their child has Celiac, they are full of questions. What actually is it? How does one cope with it? Is it for life? Can my child not eat food containing even a little gluten? And where does it come from?
These are legitimate questions and it is important you receive qualified answers. As time passes you will know more and more and we are here to help you get through this first period in the best way possible. We are sure you will discover it is not as bad as you thought and that Celiac is a disease you can completely control solely by a change in nutrition. No drugs, hospitalization or special treatment.

Celiac treatment focuses on eating gluten-free food. Being particular about this means a way of life slightly different from the spontaneity we are used to on a day-to-day basis. It needs proper planning and organization as the child gradually acclimatizes to his or her new path, which will eventually become smooth and easy.

Our doctors will advise you how best to organize your daily nutrition at home, in social settings, in school and preschool, where to buy gluten-free products and more.

Here on the website you will find initial information about Celiac Disease and answers to the main questions. We have also prepared a number of gluten-free recipes for you to help you along the way.