The Pediatric Orthopedics Unit treats the spectrum of pediatric orthopedic problems from birth through adolescence.
This area of medicine demands an open, ongoing relationship between treatment staff and the family. Our team believes in a warm, human approach, in which treatment is administered kindly and sensitively. We are alert to the child's fears and to the parents' wishes to understand the complete picture before making any treatment decisions. We also encourage parents to read about the child's medical condition, to ask questions and to seek counsel from other specialists if they wish. The main problems diagnosed and treated at the department: 
•    Injuries to the limbs (breaks, tendon damage, muscles, joints)
•    Skeletal and muscular development issues
•    Neural limb problems 
•    Perinatal problems 

In addition to the medical treatment, the Unit also provides counseling for the Pediatric Nephrology Clinic, the Premature Baby Clinic and the Pediatric Clinics.

All the standard treatment – bandaging, fracture reconstruction and splinting, suture and splint removal – is given during the visit to the clinic. The clinic also offers a plastic splint, which can be purchased at the hospital store. Putting it in place does not cost anything. 
Treatments requiring sedation are conducted at the Children's Day Hospital together with the Pediatric Anesthesia Unit.