The DDH Clinic at Shaare Zedek Medical center is a unique clinic that treats infants and children with congenital hip dysplasia (DDH/CDH). We diagnose all forms of dysplasia (an inadequate development of the joint) and provide thorough treatment for each problem, with a focus on prevention and early treatment (of infants).

What is DDH?
The two main parts of the hip joint are the femur head and the acetabulum. The acetabulum's borders are covered with the labrum (a ring of cartilage). Both parts are covered in cartilage and the entire joint is engulfed by a capsule that is covered by nutritional tissue (synovium) from within. 
A developmental dysplasia occurs when the ratio between the femur head and the acetabulum is wrong, causing the other tissues in and around the joint to develop incorrectly. The problem appears between week 12 of the pregnancy and six months after the baby is born and leads to sub-dislocation, dislocation or destruction of the joint as the child grows. 

Who can benefit from the clinic?
The clinic is intended primarily for infants suspected of having a problem with the hip joint. We perform hip joint US to evaluate the situation and begin harness treatment if necessary. Parents of older children will be advised of the more complex solutions that are available in cases of delayed diagnosis or in cases where the primary treatment was unsuccessful. 
In many cases the joint may heal without treatment even if there is an suspicious initial finding. As the treatment has its risks, we recommend it only when it is absolutely necessary. Therefore infants with borderline findings will be asked to repeat the series of tests at the age of 4 weeks. 

You may contact us with any question via email -
Please bring with you two payment guarantees from the HMS (or any other payment method): one for a hip joint US (Ministry of Health code L1028) and the other for a doctor's examination with an option for treatment (securing a harness, applying a cast, orthopedic evaluation and so on) (Ministry of Health code L9249 or 99242).