Don't look at the backpack but what's inside it

Ahead of the new academic year, it's important to know – before you invest in a 'quality' backpack – that the bag's content is no less important.

The malls are full of 'back to school' fairs, a wealth of backpacks at a range of prices and some are even branded as "orthopedic," costing a lot more because they claim to protect your child's back. Dr. Harel Arzi, Director of the Pediatric Spinal Cord Clinic, explains that there is no such thing as an "orthopedic backpack" and recommends choosing a bag your child feels comfortable with and one that has padded straps.

"In most cases, the structure of the bag is not as much of a problem as the weight of the school books and equipment inside it. Trolley bags are very common although the tendency to load them up with even heavier books leaves the child having to schlep around a weight that is often too heavy for them. To best protect your child's back, it is worth coordinating with the teacher to prepare an annual work schedule that takes the children's back size into account," says Dr. Lebel.