Is there such a thing as an orthopedic product?

No orthopedic surgeon will endorse any particular product. There are very few commercial products that have undergone any sort of serious research as to their influence on various diseases.

Most of the products in standard stores – mattresses, beds, shoes (sports shoes, “first step,” health shoes and the rest), pillows, baby slings, child seats and buggies, chairs and other alleged ‘orthopedic’ products – have not really been tested (apart from standard safety tests).

A manufacturer’s decision to add an epithet to a product is their sole responsibility and it is very difficult to assess what actual effect such a product has on general health, back pain, knee pain or whatever.

This means that your decision on what to buy must be based on common sense and a little research. Sometimes the pediatric doctor or the orthopedic surgeon can help but their advice will generally be based on common sense rather than scientific evidence.

In many cases, recommendations from a family member or friends with similar-age children can be more helpful than medical advice or the advice of the guy in the store. There are also plenty of online forums where you can ask your questions and receive intelligent and useful answers.