In 2014, Shaare Zedek established a special service for treating spinal cord problems in children and adolescents. The service is part of the overall treatment system at the Wilf Children’s Hospital and focuses specifically on children’s spinal problems.

We provide solutions for all types of conditions and for all ages, whether it’s already giving advice in the NICU )Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), treating problems discovered close to birth, inflammatory or malignant spinal cord diseases up to age 18, various malformations, etc.

In addition, we advise children and youth with sports-related spinal injuries – how to cope, what to do and how best to return to sporting activity after injury.

The service provides support for conservative diagnosis and treatment procedures while fully cooperating with other doctors from other disciplines in the Children’s Hospital, e.g. pediatric orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, infectious diseases specialists, radiologists, etc. In this way, spinal cord problems that are part of other disease processes receive the best possible attention.

We maintain a close connection with other treatment providers in the community – such as orthopedic doctors in the Kupot Holim, physiotherapists and girdle makers – so as to ensure safe and comprehensive treatment and the best monitoring system for all patients. Dr. Arzi has a regular working relationship with colleagues in Israel and overseas and often presents more complex cases to his forums to hear opinions and suggestions.

Apart from this clinic, Dr. Arzi is also involved in a number of multi-disciplinary clinics within the Children’s Hospital, such as the Movement Disorders Clinic, the NF (Neurofibromatosis) Clinic and the Prader-Willi Syndrome Clinic. In these clinics, spinal cord problems are discussed within a wider treatment context.

Within the service framework we perform surgery and administer treatment using some of the most advanced methods and technologies available. These include robotically-directed surgery, intra-surgical 3-D simulation, magnetic lengthening implants, and more. We place particular emphasis on safety during surgical treatment and constantly use neural and blood circulation monitoring technologies during the operation. If necessary, we have the full cooperation of the Pediatric ER team, who are very experienced in treating children after spinal cord surgery of all types.

All of our activities take place in the customized, child and family-friendly surroundings of the Wilf Children’s Hospital, whether it’s a short visit to the clinic or a longer stay in the hospital.