The Lincoln David Abraham Paediatric Educational Institute at Shaare Zedek Medical Center provides educational services, enrichment activities and emotional support for all hospitalized children between the ages of 3-21.
Hospitalization disrupts the child's balance and the balance of his surroundings due to the existential fear and loss of control that follows sickness. In this time of crisis the school offers a ray of light that helps preserve the healthy part of the child's world using normative content and familiar patterns.
The school implements a holistic approach to education which considers the mental health of the child with the same importance as their physical wellbeing. In light of this, the child's educational, academic, social and emotional needs are address simultaneously. 

The school's staff is employed through the Special Education Division at the Ministry of Education and consists of special education teachers, art therapists, music therapists, a zootherapist and a psychological counselor. The staff also uses the help of medical clowns, volunteers (including through Sherut Leumi), special education students and a secretary. 

The school offers diverse activities: 
Academic support for hospitalized children: Overcoming academic gaps, preservation and cultivation of the student's talents and abilities, encouraging the student to maintain an academic continuity. The school staff is constantly in touch with the child's regular school and community and provides academic support at home with the help of Tlalim - Educational Support for the Sick Child. 
Preparation for operations and invasive procedures: Children that come to Shaare Zedek to undergo an operation participate in a special activity that helps reduce fears by presenting age-appropriate information through conversation, stories, plays, pictures and other aids. 
Emotional support by teaching skills that help deal with the illness
Music: The students participate in enriching diverse musical activities. The lessons are done in groups and individually. Music therapy also provides emotional help and support to those who need it. 
Art: The students enjoy a variety of activities where they experience working with different materials and techniques. Students that need encouragement or help expressing their feelings have personal sessions. 
Education, Creation and expression through the computer: we supply the students with a state-of-the-art computer room that has many games and educational programs. Students also enjoy remote e-learning with the help of Kav-Or
Zootherapy: The children are welcome to experience working with animals. During the sessions the children learn to communicate with animals, take care of them, feel them and understand their world.
Library: Children can borrow books, games, discs and DVDs, and a computer with movies suitable for different ages. 
Atmosphere: The school organizes events for the hospitalized children, such as birthdays and Shabbat reception, as well as field trips and excursions out of the hospital accompanied by the medical and nursing staff. 

Shaare Zedek Medical Center was the first hospital in Israel with a permanent kindergarten teacher, and later a school teacher. 
The school had its start in the seventies, when the then director of the Pediatric Division, Prof. Freyer, suggested employing a kindergarten teacher to help occupy the hospitalized children. As the years went by, the place grew and staff expanded. 
In 2001 the Knesset passed the Sick Child Law which affirmed that each child should be educated, even those hospitalized. Since then educational establishments are incorporated into all hospitals in Israel.