Health benefits of physical activity (Heb)

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Physiotherapy deals with various aspects of the musculoskeletal system and its functioning, as well as promoting health and improving quality of life in general. Its purpose is to help patients return to as active and independent a lifestyle as possible. Treatment includes a range of manual techniques, movement skills, various exercises and more.

Physiotherapists deal with diverse populations, of all ages and from all inpatient departments, from the Neonatal ICU and the pediatric departments, through the internal medicine, surgical, ICU and geriatric departments.

Most of the treatments in the inpatient departments focus on respiratory treatment of chronic or acute illness. In addition, we specialize in treating patients whose ability to properly function has been affected by illness, surgery, prolonged hospitalization, injury or accident. 
The physiotherapy team at Shaare Zedek Medical Center employs 20 physiotherapists, both male and female, working in all hospital departments, including the Outpatients Clinic. Most of the work is carried out at the patient's bedside and, if necessary, in the physiotherapy hall, where we use auxiliary equipment: weights, springs, parallels, gait trainers, physio balls and fitness equipment. All types of treatment are determined according to the professional judgment of the attending physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy at Shaare Zedek Medical Center deals with several main areas of treatment:

  • Respiratory treatment, provided in all hospital departments, especially the intensive care and internal medicine departments.

  • Treatment for mobility rehabilitation. This treatment is required for fractures, injuries, strokes, a general deterioration in a patient's condition, as well as diseases unrelated to the skeletal system and various neurological diseases that require muscle strengthening. 

  • Treatment of chronic pain, which also includes guidance and instruction for preventing recurrent seizures and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, consultation can be provided on how to make ergonomic changes. 

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening of pelvic floor muscles combined with biofeedback treatment.

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation. This is intended for chronic lung patients suffering from functional decline.

The staff of the Institute is assisted by a variety of equipment such as:

  • Electrical equipment (electrotherapy, ultrasound, shortwave)

  • Thermal equipment (paraffin, whirlpool tub)

  • Mechanical Spinal Traction

  • Red Cord 

  • A fully equipped gym with exercise bikes, leg press and pneumatic fitness equipment. 

In addition to inpatient care, we provide instruction and guidance for patients and their families towards discharge from hospital. This helps further advance the functional achievements the patient has achieved during hospitalization. If necessary, we make recommendations regarding accessories such as walkers and toilet lifters, and refer patients to follow-on treatment or rehabilitation within an appropriate framework in the community. 

The Institute also offers ambulatory treatment for patients referred from the community with general orthopedic problems or recovering from fractures, road accidents or surgery, sports injuries and chronic conditions. This helps the patient recover and return to maximum functioning. 

It is possible to submit payment authorization forms issued by all the health funds, the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Defense, the IDF (representative unit stationed in the hospital), and the various insurance companies.

The Institute staff provide their patients with high-quality professional care based on international standards, while maintaining direct contact with the attending physician, nurses, paramedical staff and social workers. The physiotherapy staff have access to state-of-the-art equipment enabling a variety of treatment for a wide range of patients, while providing personal treatment for each and every patient.
At the Shaare Zedek Medical Center Physiotherapy Institute, we ensure that both the patient and his/her family are at the center of our focus during treatment. Throughout the period of hospitalization, we endeavor to create an ongoing series of treatments in the community that suits the patient's particular needs.