Facial Shaping Surgery
Nose surgery, facelifts, eyelid surgery, forehead and eyebrow lifting, fat and filler material injections, Botox injections, peeling, scar blurring, ear pinning, and more.

Breast Shaping Surgery 
Breast enlargement, reduction or lifting, correcting asymmetry, tubular breast surgery and chest reduction in men.

Body Shaping Surgery
Using liposuction, abdominal stretching, thigh and arm shaping.

Shaare Zedek also has a body shaping clinic for people after weight loss (post-bariatric surgery). Here you can receive advice on removing surplus skin and fat around the abdomen, thighs and back, raising and shaping buttocks, inner thigh surgery, arms shaping and sculpturing, and breast shaping. The clinic is part of the Center for Treating Obesity and provides support and consultancy from the moment the patient decides to have gastric bypass surgery through to full recovery.