The Breast Reconstruction Plastic Surgery Clinic
General surgeons perform partial or complete removal of breast tissue affected by tumors and plastic surgeons reconstruct breast tissue using body tissue or implants to achieve optimal appearance and symmetry.

Micro-vascular surgery to reconstruct lower limbs
Surgery for functional reconstruction preserves the lower limbs with the aim of preventing amputation. The surgery is performed by a joint team of plastic surgeons and surgeons from the Vascular Surgery Department.

Skin Tumors
Surgical treatment for skin tumors, including complete removal of the damage (depending on the type) and tissue reconstruction to achieve optimal esthetic results.
Melanoma treatment – extensive removal around the affected area, lymph nodule (which drains the growth area) sampling and removal. Further treatment is prescribed in conjunction with the oncological team, general surgeons and the surgical team from the Otolaryngology Department (ENT).

Surgical treatment for thermal and chemical burns, skin transplants, contracture removal, scar enhancement, replacement of scar tissue with healthy tissue, skin and scar rehabilitation using the innovative Recell technology.

Congenital Defects
Correcting a wide range of congenital defects on the face and limbs.
Facial defects – cleft lip and cleft palate, ear structure defects, removal of large moles and reconstruction using a variety of methods, including tissue stretchers.
Limb defects – separating fused digits (syndactyly), removing extra digits (polydactyly), and surgical treatment for complex and rare hand defects.