The Psychiatric Service at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center provides counseling and diagnosis for patients from all hospital departments. It helps doctors build communication with patients – and their families – suffering from behavioral or mental problems. The team also supports the families of patients hospitalized in the Emergency Room.
Unit staff are experienced in all the mental problems connected to physical injury – depression and anxiety, confusion and hallucinations, despair and suicidal tendencies. The team is skilled in all psychiatric intervention methods although most of the work is based on dialogue with the patient and the family with the aim of easing their emotional pain and helping them out of the crisis.
The Psychiatric Unit also monitors oncological patients to ensure they are continuing with their treatment and not giving up because of depression or the inability to look after themselves. These are cases that require both psychotherapeutic and family intervention.
The Unit pays particular attention to maintain ongoing dialogue between the patient's family and the doctor involved, with the understanding that the family have a significant role to play in the success of the treatment. The family gives the patient a feeling of security and a supportive social framework.