Hypnosis Clinic for Post-Trauma Situations

Hypnosis treatment allows people to open up and cope with the emotional ramifications of their trauma. A person who finds it hard to recall unpleasant, trauma-related memories and experiences can – through hypnosis – access them and deal with them. This treatment can be given parallel to drugs-based treatment, which in turn can help the person be more open to and ready for the hypnosis.
Many patients come to the clinic suffering from post-trauma symptoms due to experiences they have never been able to process properly. This increases the chances of suffering from or complaining of other post-trauma-related problems at other stages of life.
Approximately a third of the population reacts well to the treatment. To evaluate whether someone will react well, we ask patients to come for an initial diagnosis before the process begins. In general, we have found that the people who respond well are those who are more sociable, more intelligent and have greater understanding of and insight into their condition.