The smoking cessation clinic at Shaare Zedek Medical Center is a unique clinic that offers the combined treatment of lung experts, a nurse trained in moderating smoking cessation groups and an addictions specialist. 
The treatment is individually tailored for each patient and recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
The clinic includes support, assistance and communication as need be. 

The clinic offers: 
•    Small groups (4-6 participants).
•    A workshop of only 3 double sessions.
•    A combination of experts in lung diseases, an addiction (and addiction withdrawal) specialist and an expert nurse with training as a smoking cessation groups moderator. 
•    Each participant receives a personal treatment plan, built based on their specific needs, health and previous cessation attempts. 
•    The clinic is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
•    Participants of the program are entitled to receive withdrawal medication (if needed) through their HMO at the cost of the healthcare basket (i.e. the participant pays only 15% of the cost).
•    The workshop teaches how to overcome the habit of smoking and the addiction to cigarettes. 
•    The workshop provides tools for understanding the physical and psychological dependency. 
•    The workshop incorporates individualized recommendations for treatment with prescription medication or nicotine substitutes.

The sessions: 
Session 1
•    Examinations: lung functions (for early diagnosis of smoke-induced lung diseases), measurement of CO levels, saturation test. 
•    Questionnaires. 
•    A group meeting with a senior lung physician. 
•    A lecture on the damages of smoking and methods of quitting. 
•    A group meeting with an addiction specialist. 
•    A private visit with an expert lung physician. 

Session 2
•    A group meeting with an addiction specialist.
•    Construction of a personal cessation plan. 
•    A private visit with a lung physician that includes the issuing of prescriptions (if needed) and explanations about the treatment plan. 
•    Summation. 

Session 3
•    A meeting with an addiction specialist. 
•    A private visit with a lung physician.