Sport is an extremely important activity for children and teenagers and is a vital factor in adopting a healthy lifestyle. Participation in sporting activity combined with correct dietary habits contribute to the proper development of children and help to prevent disease and complications in the future. The Shaare Zedek Sports Medicine Center provides support, instruction and monitoring of the link between a child's health and his or her physical activity. The aim of the services we offer is to enable your child to engage in physical activity in a healthy and controlled manner. The idea is to protect your child from any potential injury or medical complication and to ensure sound growth and smooth physical development.

Child Nutrition
Adopting good eating habits is a learning process that begins in early childhood and continues throughout a child's development and adolescence. The food we consume has an impact on all (physiological, emotional and social) bodily systems.
The scientific connection between child nutrition and maximizing the potential of a child's growth and development, between nutrition and health and nutrition and learning, is a known and proven fact. It is also a known fact that education towards healthy nutrition from early childhood is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle later in life. Consequently, the quantity, quality and timing of meals is crucial.
Surveys on child nutrition in Israel have shown there to be a tendency towards the consumption of a large volume of fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar, combined with a propensity to eat less whole grain products, fruit and vegetables. These eating habits contribute to the rise in obesity rates and associated mortality. Counseling and education towards good, balanced nutrition at this age will improve a child's daily functioning and contribute to healthy development.
The Sports Medicine Center provides you with nutrition counseling from the leading professionals in this field, and helps you put together a custom-made diet plan to suit your children's specific health needs.