A Transient Ischemic Attack (or a mini-stroke), is an important warning sign that could predict a future stroke. In the weeks after such an attack, the patient is under greater risk of a more significant stroke.

For that reason, Shaare Zedek Medical Center became the first tertiary center in Israel to open a TIA Service. Patients who have experienced a TIA or mini-stroke will receive an immediate evaluation by a neurologist, who – after appropriate additional tests and in coordination with the referring doctor – will also suggest an optimal treatment course. Fast diagnosis and treatment will significantly reduce the risks of suffering a more serious stroke in the future.
The patient’s doctor or the family doctor refers the patient to the TIA Center within a week of the incident. The service is provided within the framework of the Emergency Medicine Department. Patients referred outside the Service’s opening hours will be examined by a Service doctor the next day.

Upon the patient’s arrival, a doctor will evaluate the situation and refer him or her to the relevant tests. Some patients will undergo heart and monitor tests. Any patient discharged after testing will receive a detailed course of treatment and a Service doctor will continue to monitor the situation together with the family doctor.