The urethra is the tube that drains the bladder. Stenosis (narrowing) in the urethra makes urinating and emptying the bladder difficult, sometimes to the extent of stopping the urine altogether. This stenosis can be congenital or caused by an infection in the ureter, a blow to the area (possibly after breaking the pelvis), a consequence of the insertion of a catheter, or after other urinary tract surgery. Although we can reduce the pain of this kind of stenosis using relatively simple procedures, such as expanding the urethra, in most cases the stenosis will return.

The best solution, which in most cases leads to a full and long-term recovery, is an operation to reconstruct the urethra (Urethroplasty). This surgery requires particularly specialization and great skill. The urologist involved in reconstructive surgery uses complex surgical techniques, including the transfer of healthy tissue to rebuild the affected area. The main reason for the failure of these operations is lack of experience on the part of the surgeon, and the need for repeat surgery. Similarly, surgery to improve the appearance of the male sex organs, particularly when they carry a significant defect or affect sexual functioning, demands great skill.
The surgeons in the Urology Department at Shaare Zedek have accumulated the necessary experience and skills to perform surgery on the male reproductive organs and they are known as one of the leading teams in Israel in this area.