The Vascular Institute at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center conducts the entire range of non-invasive tests relating to Vascular Diseases. Tests are conducted by qualified vascular technicians and supervised by doctors from the Vascular Surgery Unit.

The Institute has the most advanced Duplex, Doppler and ultrasound equipment available for diagnosing vascular diseases.

Tests performed at the Institute:

•    Imaging tests using (Duplex) Doppler Ultrasound:
-    Lower limb arteries – to diagnose stenosis and blockage before inserting a balloon catheter for widening purposes 
-    Upper limb arteries
-    Neck arteries to check stenosis
-    Intracranial arteries
-    Stomach arteries – to negate breaches or blockages and for stent implant monitoring 
-    Vascular bypass limb implants 
-    Cranial arteries – to detect infection
-    Liver and bowel arteries
-    Upper and lower limb veins – to diagnose or negate coagulation
-    Lower limb veins – to diagnose venous insufficiency and varicose veins for laser treatment adaptation
-    Examinations for planning and monitoring Hemodialysis access operations – mapping vessels in the hands to evaluate vessel type. Patients in line for dialysis treatment undergo the test to see if they are eligible for a fistula operation.
-    Examinations for purpose of monitoring and maintenance of Hemodialysis access

•    Doppler Test
-    Pressure and tracing on the upper and lower limbs

•    Other Tests
-    Hand temperature tests to diagnose Raynaud’s Syndrome
-    Special tests as requested by community doctors