Imaging Division Head

Dr Benjaminov Ofer

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Departments and Units:
Breast Imaging Institute (Mammography)

The Mammography Institute performs diagnostic mammography, including guided biopsies.

A CT of the heart, often called “virtual catheterization,” is a CT scan conducted in line with the heart’s mobility (ECG-gated). The test is performed in the Imaging Institute using the new and fast Siemens Flash CT Scanner.

CT Institute

The Computerized Tomography (CT) Institute uses advanced equippment that performs quick and exact scans using minimal radiation.

MRI Institute

The innovative MRI Institute opened in 2012. The MRI technology is vital in the diagnostic process of a wide range of illnesses and injuries. 

The Ultrasound Institute is a vital part of the diagnostic process of problems in all fields (except obstetrics). The institute is equipped with state-of-the-art devices. Those are spread around the hospital for quick access and treatment.