Meet the new Wilf Children's Hospital

The Wilf Children’s Hospital, the first children’s hospital in Jerusalem, provides a response to any medical problem in Child Health. Top pediatric specialists, together with the various pediatric department doctors (Orthopedics, Urology, Ophthalmology, ENT and other specialties) – serve in the hospital to address the spectrum of child health issues.

Shaare Zedek treats approximately 24,000 children every year in the Emergency Room and in the pediatric departments. This is one of the largest children’s treatment centers in Israel, with 110 hospital beds.

The Children’s Hospital was planned specially for children and built according to the strictest standards of patient safety. It provides services and hospitalization that take the needs of the children and their families into consideration. Rooms only hold one or two patients to ensure maximum comfort and privacy and surroundings are pleasant with impressive and colorful designs.


Nurse's station, Wilf Hospital

There is an armchair or bed for the parents next to every child’s bed and each bed is connected to an electronic entertainment system and a free wi-fi connection.

The hospital is a trailblazer in children’s medicine. It offers advanced diagnostic and treatment approaches with the most advanced equipment available. Alongside the doctors and technicians there is also a highly skilled nursing team and paramedical support teams such as social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and others.

A significant part of the child’s treatment takes place in ambulatory frameworks (day treatments) – monitoring clinics, specialist clinics and day hospitalization units in which tests and treatments are performed that do not require an overnight stay. This is very convenient for the children and their families. 

The aim is to limit the child’s stay in hospital as far as possible and to restore the child to his or her family as quickly as possible.

The hospitalization departments pay special attention to relationships with the community and our doctors are in constant contact with their local colleagues.

The school adjacent to the children’s departments is an official Ministry of Education school operating as part of the hospital and offering a supportive study and emotional framework for hospitalized children. A pedagogic team works in the school, integrating art, music and animal therapists alongside medical clowns, all focused on helping the sick child, easing the pain, putting a smile on their faces and enabling them and their families to cope with the travails of the illness and the stay in hospital. Medical clowns are integrated in all of the children’s departments and clinics and help the children waiting for treatment pass the time in a light and enjoyable way. In certain cases, their activities mean the child does not have to be anesthetized for treatment. 

Medical Director

Prof. Yechiel Shlezinger

Head Nurse, Pediatric Department

Mrs. Efrat Even, MA RN

Hospital Secretary

Mrs. Talia Segal

Tel: 972-2-6555445
Fax: 972-2-6555297
Hospitalization Department Desk: 972-2-6555542


Next Generation Building, 6th-7th Floors