Over the years, countless groups have come to the hospital to volunteer with one target which is to bring light and happiness to our patients.
We accept all groups with open arms, but in order for the visit to be pleasant for all the involved, we ask you to observe the following conditions:
Visitors must be 15 or older.
The Groups size should not exceed 20 visitors.
Each group will be divided into 4-5 small groups during the visit.
If you wish to bring food, please bring it in sealed packages only and ensure that they are kosher.
Use of a musical instrument is subject to the approval of the nurse in charge of the department during the visit.
To coordinate a visit, please send an email to Ms. Ayelet Cohen, volunteer service coordinator, with the following details:
Group name
Contact Name
Desired date of visit
Visiting hours
Preferred departments
Thank you very much for your generosity!