Are you looking for a meaningful service? How would you like going home every day with a deep sense of generosity and kindness? Are you interested in medicine and nursing?

Come spend a year of service at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.
Shaare Zedek Medical Center is recruiting girls for next years' service. Come take part in a unique place and a service experience like no other.
You will recieve: 
• Significant work alongside a respectful and appreciative attitude from the hospital staff,
• Close supervision, amazing treatment and full professional and emotional training,
• Experience in medical work and exposure to the hospital life,
• Participation in enrichment courses open to the hospital staff,
• Religious and Family like atmosphere.
If you are responsible, serviceable, sensitive, can work in a team and can work under pressure - your place with us!
"It's a different service place than the rest. The work here is complex and the staff works so hard, and by staff I include us national service workers. We have a great deal of responsibility because the departments find it difficult to function without us, and it gives us tremendous satisfaction ".
- Moria Yarimi, National Service member in the Oncology Department
"The hospital is a place where you can actually be helpful, the staff, the patients and the families greatly appreciate us, we know that we are doing something good and meaningful, there are difficult moments, but it only strengthens me and makes me appreciate what I have outside the hospital".
Keren Lahiani, National Service member in the Internal Medicine Department

In Shaare Zedek, the National Service members are an integral part of the hospital staff. They provide the best responses to patients and their families, perform certain tests, supervise the distribution of food in the inpatient departments, and help the medical staff treat the patients. Their work is critical to the success of the hospital and its positioning as a leading hospital in Israel.
Because of the great importance of these members to the functioning of the hospital we have built a full professional system that supports and accompanies them throughout the service, led by the Volunteer Service Coordinator and a designated coordinator for the hospital on behalf of the Association for Volunteering. Both bodies are in the hospital every day and are available to solve any problem and to provide any assistance required.
In addition, the girls receive many benefits:
• A subsidized psychometric course (depending on the number of participants)
• Priority in admissions to the nursing school at Shaare Zedek Medical Center (subject to compliance with the school's admission requirements)
• Employment horizon - preference for admission to work in the hospital
• Formative activities such as performances and tour
If you want to have a meaningful service, or if you have any questions, please contact Ayelet Cohen, coordinator of the Shaare Zedek Volunteer Association.


Volunteer Association Coordination 

Ms. Yael Labran

Tel: 054-4442197