Logistics and Engineering

The Logistics and Engineering Division is charged with providing a stable infrastructure regarding all non-medical aspects relevant for the hospital's continuous operation. Our main goal is to provide constant support for the medical divisions so they can give patients the best care, while emphasizing professionalism and efficiency as we answer any need.
The engineering array maintains all infrastructures - electrical, water (including treating the special water used by the dialysis units), medical gasses (oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) and air conditioning, as well as the building itself and all medical equipment. 
We focus on providing a safe environment for the hospital's populace while taking into consideration the unique character of the hospital and issues pertaining to the Sabbath. All engineering systems are examined and monitored by a central control and are under constant evaluation for day-to-day and emergency function, including all required backups, in accordance with the law. 
We handle hundreds of requests each day. The routine maintenance enables the hospital's operation. Logistic support includes local and international purchases, storage of thousands of items and supplying the departments with perishable medical equipment, chemicals, office supplies and more. 
The sterile supply array, one of the best in Israel, provides the operating rooms and institutes with thousands of unique kits throughout the year for the different procedures. 

Other tasks include: 
•    Cleaning all hospital areas and facilities, laundry under international standards and removal of waste (regular, medical, cytotoxic, electronic and more).
•    Communication (cellular, wired, wireless, satellite).
•    A sophisticated switchboard that handles hundreds of calls a day
•    The Appointment Center. 
•    Preparation of thousands of food courses for the staff and the patients, according to guidelines from the Nutritional Service - low-sodium, low-fat, porridge, gluten-free and so on. All our food has the highest level of Kosher.

In addition to the routine activities, the division accompanies the different construction projects carried out at the hospital from the planning phase, through the actual construction and all the way to opening the new area for everyday work. 
The division's staff and directors work day and night to preserve the continuity of support to the hospital's work. 

Mr. Gadi Ilan


Mr. Gadi Ilan

Tel: 972-2-6555131 
Fax: 972-2-6555176
Mobile: 972-50-8685131
Engineering (to report malfunctions):
Email: gadi_i@szmc.org.il


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