Food Services
The hospital's food services employ 40 kitchen workers who prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for patients and staff.  

Kashrut: All food served at the hospital is kosher under the supervision of Badatz Eidah HaChareidit. The hospital Rabbi and the Mashgiach are available day and night to answer any question. 

Dietary Services: With the help of the hospital’s dieticians, we take care of the specific dietary needs of each patient. Correct nutrition is part of the medical treatment.  

Maternity Ward Kitchens: Each maternity ward has an open buffet with high quality food served three times a day. New mothers who can't get out of bed will have a tray brought to their room. 

Milk Kitchen: The kitchen provides nourishment for babies and children who require formula while at the hospital. The kitchen prepares food additives, enrichments and medical products including nutrients for intravenous feeding. 

Intravenous feeding: The "feeding tubes kitchen" provides nasogastric feeding solutions for adults. The kitchen also provides ground and blended food for those who need it. 



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