The department employs over 200 cleaning workers, 9 floor supervisors and auxiliary workers. Together they keep the hospital and the Nursing School – over 90,000 square meters – clean. 

Every day we handle approximately 5.5 tons of laundry, which is collected, washed, sorted, prepared and distributed again throughout the hospital . 

Uniform Storage
Cleaning, sorting and distributing uniforms for all employees: doctors, nurses, auxiliary, maintenance, secretaries, kitchen and cleaning crew. This includes daily maintenance of the uniform vending machines on floors 3, 4, 7 and 8. 

Waste Removal 
Collecting all forms of waste (regular, contaminated, cytotoxic and electronic) from around the hospital and preparing it for removal. 

Collecting and preparing all confidential documents for recycling.  

Transit Services
Transferring equipment to the Engineering Department for maintenance.
Delivering  office supplies to all departments. 
Supplying  reserve beds. 
Dispatching  drivers to deliver forms and equipment .
Collectingof laundry. 
Transporting oxygen and other gases.

A sub-contractor comes to the hospital three times a week and in response to specific requests. 

Preparing locations for events, conferences, symposiums, courses, meetings, lectures and parties.

Operating the hospital hotel, including room rental, payments and  maintenance . 



Mr. Ali Abu-Remaileh

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Main Building, 1st Floor