Medical Records

The Medical Records Departments is entrusted with coordinating all of the hospital’s medical data – processing, preserving and supplying it to authorized parties. 

A patient who has received hospital services and needs medical data in English – for billing purposes or for further treatment after hospitalization, emergency care or any other treatment – can request and receive it. 
This service is only available within a few days of the actual treatment and no later. The department does not provide medical translations beyond that. 



Oxana Borshevsky


Keren Cohen

Copy of medical records

Yaffa Dayan


Shira Chazan
Tel: 972-2-6555117

Fax: 972-2-6666911

Translation of medical records

Keren Cohen
Tel: 972-2-6666078


Opening Hours

Sun-Thu, 8am-2pm


Main Building, 3rd Floor