Mrs. Gali Weiss, MA, RN
Deputy Director General for Nursing and Head Nurse

Mrs. Sara Goldberg, MPH, RN
Deputy Head Nurse, Director of Emergencies, Trauma and Technologies

Mrs. Vicky Copenhagen, MA, RN
Director, HR and Training, Logistics

Mrs. Ziva Azran, MA, RN
Quality Control and Nursing Risk Management Coordinator
Nursing Director, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Mrs. Sigal Mizrahi, BA, RN
Nursing Director, Mother and Child Departments and Children's Hospital

Mrs. Henrietta Oren, BA, RN
Nursing Director, Ambulatory Services

General Nurses

Mrs. Henrietta Oren, BSN, RN
General Nurse, Nursing Director Clinics Division

Mrs. Margalit Farhi, BA, RN
General Nurse

Mrs. Ruth David, BA, RN
General Nurse

Mrs. Ori Avrahami, MA, RN
General Nurse

Mrs. Edna Deri, BA, RN
General Nurse and Clinical Trainer

Mrs. Vardit Roterman, BA, RN
General Nurse

Field Coordinators
Mrs. Nurit Avraham, BA, RN
Bone Marrow Transplants Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-9717366; Email:

Mrs. Jorunn Opstad Carmel, BA, RN
Supportive Treatment Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685231; Email:

Mrs. Naomi Ben-Uri, BA, RN
Quality Control and Risk Management Coordinator
Tel: 972-52-4206259; Email:

Mrs. Susan Bendahan, BA, RN
Breast Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685826; Email:

Mrs. Margalit Galuti, MA, RN
Student Coordinator

Tel: 972-50-4184076; Email:

Mrs. Zila Cohen, MA, RN
Severe Pain Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685948; Email:

Mrs. Shoshanna Lazar, BA, RN
Digestive System Growth Prevention Coordinator 
Tel: 972-54-4713300; Email:

Mrs. Betty Mazouz, MA, RN
IBD Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685901; Email:

Mrs. Tzippy Sivan, MA, RN
Professional Regulations, Standards and Guidelines Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685983; Email:

Mrs. Ahuva Spitz, MA, RN
Research Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-7163005; Email:

Mrs. Rachel Kuzniatzov, BA, RN
Diabetes Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-4981541; Email:

Mrs. Puah Kopuit, MA, RN
Epidemiology Nurse and Infection Prevention Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685471; Email:

Mrs. Andrea Keisar, BA, RN
Transplants Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685910; Email:

Mrs. Yochi Kand, MA, RN
Stoma Coordinator and 
Wounds Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685853; Email:

Mrs. Edit Shitrit, BA, RN
Breastfeeding Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685851; Email:

Mrs. Sari Shapira, BA, RN
Professional Development and Patient Welfare Coordinator
Tel: 972-50-8685188; Email: