Dr. Osnat Erez Bar-Haim, Accessibility Counselor
Tel: 02-6666012; Fax: 02-6555115; Email:
Rachel Bulvik, Equality Supervisor
Tel: 02-6666608

Shaare Zedek Medical Center provides convenient accessibility for all who enter the hospital: 
•    There are over 74 disabled parking spaces in the hospital's parking lots. 
•    Three of the hospital entrances are adapted for wheelchairs: the ER entrance on the 2nd floor, the main enrtance on the 4th floor and the Ped ER entrance on the 6th floor. 
•    Most of the hospital's reception desks are equipped with special audio systems for people with hearing disabilities. 
•    Accessible bathrooms can be found at these locations:

Main Building

2nd floor Across from the coffee cart
3rd floor At the entrance to the MRI 
4th floor At the entrance to the outpatient clinics
7th floor Adjacent to the Oncology Department
8th floor Adjacent to Internal Medicine A
9th floor Adjacent to Maternity Ward B
10th floor Adjacent to the main reception desk

Next Generation Building

6th floor

Across from the elevators

7th floor

Across from the school

9th floor

Across from the elevators

10th floor

Across from the elevators                   


•    Most staff have attended workshops to increase awareness of accessibility. 
•    The Wilf Childrens Hospital is fully accessible to people with disabilities. 


Across from the elevators