ER - Admission and Discharge

We understand that being treated in the Emergency Room (ER) is a catalyst for legitimate stress and anxiety. We therefore endeavor to do everything possible to help ease your concerns. Here are some points that explain the process in the ER and may help reduce your worries and fears:  

Please understand that patients are seen according on the doctors’ evaluation of the severity of each case and not according to the time people arrive. Every patient will be seen and given the fullest attention. 

Admission and Payment
Upon your arrival at the Department of Emergency Medicine, you will need to register at the reception desk located at the entrance. You also need to present a physician's referral letter or a payment guarantee from your Kupat Cholim. Without these documents, you will be required to pay for the visit. However, if you present us with a payment guarantee for a later date, you will receive a full refund. 

Once you have completed the bureaucracy, you will be examined by a triage nurse who will refer you to further testing and treatment based on your condition. As needs dictate, you will undergo different examinations – blood tests, imaging and a doctor's examination – and receive preliminary treatment. You may be referred to the Ambulatory Emergency Department, located near the main emergency department on the 2nd Floor.

Based on the doctor's assessment, your course of treatment will be one of the following:

a.    Observation – The ER medical staff will closely monitor your situation until they are satisfied you can be discharged.
b.    Hospitalization – Inpatient care within the relevant medical department. 
c.    Discharge – If you are healthy enough for immediate discharge, you will receive an explanation from a doctor along with your medical file. Please take this medical file to the Patient Admissions Office to receive a discharge note.  Where relevant, the medical staff will give you any prescriptions and advise you about possible developments. If you did not provide a payment guarantee when you arrived, you will be issued a bill. As mentioned above, you can receive a full refund if you produce a guarantee at a later date. 

The Emergency Department is very busy. To provide all of our patients with the best care, and enable freedom of movement, we must limit each patient to one escort. Please be understanding. 

Pediatric ER

The Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is located on the 6th floor with direct access from the rear of the building. 
The reception desk is staffed from Sunday-Thursday: 8am-11pm
After 11pm, please go first to the reception desk of the main ER (2nd floor). After opening a patient file, you'll be directed to the Pediatric ER for treatment.