Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Top-Quality Medical Care Designed for the International Community
We offer our international patients a personalized approach that includes:

•    Quick response to your application
•    Tailor-made treatment protocols including detailed cost estimates
•    Appointment scheduling with Shaare Zedek specialists
•    Pre-registration and coordination of admission
•    Personal escorts to appointments and procedures
•    Transportation arrangements (optional) including airport transfers, ground or air ambulance and medical escort, if necessary
•    Hotel or long-term lodging for patients and their families
•    Translation services- Over 40 languages are spoken among the hospital staff and we will work to make sure that language is never a barrier in the way to your care
•    The Medical Tourism Office is happy to respond to special requests from patients and their families, including assistance with non-medical travel and tourism related needs

At Shaare Zedek your overall comfort has the highest priority.  A personal, native-speaking staff member will accompany you throughout the entire process. 
About Shaare Zedek Medical Center
Shaare Zedek Medical Center is today Israel’s fastest growing hospital, providing medical care for over 700,000 people each year. A national and globally recognized leader in both clinical care and advanced academic research, Shaare Zedek is home to more than 30 inpatient departments, 70 outpatient units and dozens of research institutes. The hospital proudly serves as a center of advanced medicine for all the people of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas with constant attention to patient-centered care while embracing the latest modes of medical technology.
Each year Shaare Zedek handles over 70,000 inpatient admissions, 630,000 outpatient visits, 132,000 emergency visits, 28,000 operations and 22,000 newborns.
We pride ourselves on providing a truly diverse array of services, ensuring that we are positioned to respond to any medical need of our community. Jerusalem is home to one of the most diverse demographics on earth, enabling us to provide top-level care to people of many different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds - a uniqueness which makes us that much better prepared to treat patients from around the world.
From the most advanced procedures in Laparoscopic Surgery to the latest technology in robotics; from advanced In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to expectant mothers needing advanced prenatal care; from seniors with chronic diseases to cancer patients fighting for their lives - we provide a full range of services at the highest level to every patient who walks through our doors.
Among our 3,000 employees are many internationally-known and respected clinicians and researchers, enabling the Shaare Zedek name to become increasingly recognized all across the globe.
International Patients
In recent years, our hospital has invested considerable resources and attention to the treatment of patients from abroad.  For this purpose we developed a comprehensive Medical Tourism Program.
At Shaare Zedek Medical Center, the patient comes first - before, during and after his hospital stay, regardless of where he or she might come from. His or her comfort during the medical treatment is our primary concern. Family and friends receive the same personal attention, as we strive to make the medical treatment experience as pleasant as possible. Appreciating that the needs of international patients differ from the needs of those who live closer by, we make every effort to ensure that their needs and those of their families and companions receive every consideration and attention.
The Medical Tourism Office is fully prepared to help you arrange all aspects of your visit for medical treatment in Israel - from coordinating your physical check-ups and second opinions to sophisticated surgeries and state-of-the-art therapies. From the initial inquiry through all stages of treatment, the Shaare Zedek Medical Tourism staff is on hand to provide individualized service.
We understand that all too often medical treatment can bring with it frustrating bureaucratic headaches. At Shaare Zedek, we’ve developed an administrative approach to insure that our international patients can invest their primary focus and efforts towards their medical health and leave the rest to us. 
Our clear, defined services provide you with peace-of-mind, including monetary arrangements made directly with the administration (without intervention or negotiation with the medical professional).  An all-inclusive cost quote is arranged before the procedure, to minimize any potential “surprises” along the way.  We know that the medical procedures can be emotionally draining so we do our best to spare you any other frustrations or potential complications.
When your treatments and initial recovery are over, Shaare Zedek offers you the added benefit of being able to enjoy one of the world’s most desired travel destinations. Jerusalem - a city holy to billions, located in a region unparalleled in history, culture and natural beauty, this is the ideal place to enjoy some R&R and that is just one more great reason to choose Shaare Zedek for your medical care.
The world has become smaller in so many ways with the advent of technology and global travel.  Medical Tourism gives you the ability to benefit from the expertise and compassion offered by Shaare Zedek no matter where in the world you find yourselves.
For any further questions, please feel free to contact our Medical Tourism Coordinator at:
Tel: 972-2-6666698, 972-2-6555699
Fax: 972-2-6666985


Ms. Yulia Yusupov
Ms. Masha Shevchuk

Tel: 972-2-6666698

Fax: 972-2-6666985