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Patient's Rights Act
The Patient's Rights Act was passed in Israel in 1996 determining the rights of a person seeking or receiving medical treatment and aiming to protect their honor and privacy. 

You have the right to receive treatment that respects your human dignity and in keeping with your beliefs and values.

You have the right to receive treatment in a manner that protects your privacy, insofar as prevailing conditions allow.
You have the right to request another person’s presence during your examination, if conditions allow it.

The entire hospital team is obligated to strictly maintain medical discretion. 
The details of your medical condition are never disclosed to a person other than yourself without your explicit consent or according to the requirements of the law. 

Consent for Treatment
Your free and willing consent to treatment is a prerequisite to its implementation. To decide on the proposed treatment, you have the right to receive full and updated information about your diagnosis, the proposed treatment, the medical risks and any possible side effects involved. 
Likewise, you may request details on any existing alternative treatments and information on the dangers and risks involved in abstaining from treatment.
Before surgery or intrusive treatment, you will be asked for both verbal and written consent, after you have obtained the information as stated above. 
Do not hesitate to ask questions to clarify any issue that concerns you before signing the agreement form. You may retract your consent at any stage of the treatment. This will not harm relations between you and the treatment team.
If you are being considered for inclusion in a medical research project, you will receive detailed information in advance. Your consent will be requested at each stage of the treatment.

Obtaining Medical Information
You have the right to obtain full and detailed information regarding your medical situation, the treatment and the tests performed during your hospitalization. The information will be given according to departmental procedures.
Upon discharge, you will receive a detailed summary in writing of the details of your hospitalization. Upon request, you may also receive copies of documents in your medical file and of x-rays and other images that were documented during your treatment. Copies of documents are made for a fee, set by the Ministry of Health. 
Second Opinion
We respect your right to consult with any medical person or body, in addition to your Shaare Zedek treatment team. You should notify the department director or a responsible senior doctor in the department of your intention to do so. After giving such notice, you may turn to a specialist of your choice, in coordination with the director of the department.
All such consultations and fees charged by an external doctor are solely your responsibility. The hospital is not obligated or responsible for them in any way. Furthermore, the hospital has no obligation to take action according to external medical opinion or to accept it.

Patient's obligations
Present all medical information to the treating team.
Show respect for the personnel treating you.
Maintain cleanliness.
Maintain quiet.
Do not smoke in the hospital.
Do not damage hospital property.
Do not use cell phones in the medical departments.
Do not bring non-kosher food into the hospital.
Leave the hospital when your hospitalization stay is complete.
Advise your visitors of the department visiting hours.