Religious Services

Synagogue and Women's Gallery
You can borrow Tefilin, a tallit (prayer shawl), a kippa (yarmulke) and a siddur (prayer book) from the synagogue during the morning hours, and later at the Office of Religious Services. 
Prayer hours and Shabbat and holiday hours are posted every week on the bulletin board next to the synagogue, on the bulletin boards in the different departments and on the website (in Hebrew).

All the hospital food - in the departments, dining rooms, cafeteria and coffee carts - is strictly kosher (Mehadrin) for all Jewish ethnic groups and the food products are certified kosher by the Badatz Ha'Eda Ha'Charedit.
Please do not bring any cooked food into the hospital. 

Warning sign for Kohenim
In case of a patient passing away, signs will be posted at all hospital entrances. For those who wish to wait, a booth is located outside the building. 

Shabbat and holidays
Candle lighting / Kiddush and Havdalah: Special trays with candles are positioned in all the departments. Lighting candles in the rooms is not allowed. Kiddush and Havdalah are done at the synagogue and in all the departments. Each patient receives a bun with every meal and can bless Ha'Motzi if they wish. 
Family members / sleeping accommodations and meals: The 3rd floor dining room has wine for Kiddush and offers Shabbat meals. Food stamps can be purchased at the cashier's on the 4th floor. The sleeping rooms are located on the 5th floor. If you're interested in renting a room in our hotel, please contact the housekeeping department at 02-6555011.
Shabbat elevators: During the Shabbat the elevators work automatically, under the supervision of the Halacha Technological Institute. Please refrain from entering or exiting the elevator after the buzzer goes off. 
Calling a nurse: The system switches to Saturday Command. This does not apply to electrically operated beds.
Shabbat writers: Non-Jews are employed in all the departments as writers to minimize desecration of the Shabbat.
Hot water: Each department has a water heater under Saturday Command (indicated by a light) and tea extracts. The water in the faucets and showers are set to a low heat temperature. 
Magnometer: The magnometer at the entrance to the hospital switches to Saturday Command and works without lights and alarm. 
Rosh Ha'Shana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot: All prayers are conducted at the synagogue on the 8th floor. Blowing of the Shofar is done in all departments. A kosher Sukka is built on the 8th floor balcony and the Four Species can be found at the synagogue. 
Hanukkah: A Hanukkiyah with candles can be found at the counter of each department. Lighting candles in the rooms is strictly forbidden. 
Purim: Reading of the Book of Esther is done during the night and the day at the synagogue. 
Passover: All kitchens and rooms are rendered kosher. No outside food is permitted in the hospital during the holiday. The Seder is held in all departments. Special Matzos are baked under our supervision. 


Hospital Rabbi

Rabbi Moshe Flegg

Tel: 972-2-6666483
Fax: 972-2-6555721



Office of Religious Services: Main Building, 5th Floor
Sinagogue: Main Building, 8th Floor