Social Services

The social services at Shaare Zedek Medical Center offer patients and their family members support and counseling in dealing with the different changes that took place following the injury or illness:
•    Emotional coping with changes in physical function
•    Coping with the effects of long hospitalization on the patient and their family
•    Assistance in establishing channels of communication between the patient and their family
•    Therapy in cases of depression: post-partum, prolonged, chronic or terminal illness, during difficult treatments and in cases of disability
•    Preparation for complex treatments and accompaniment afterwards
•    Support after the death of a family member and assistance with the arrangements
•    Planning the release from the hospital: accompanying the family through the changes to home life and the daily routine, contacting medical and para-medical professionals in the community to ensure continuation of care, assisting in dealings with Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute of Israel) and exhaustion of patient rights
We make every effort to minimize the social, psychological and economic ramifications the medical condition may have for the patient and their family. Most treatments are personal and familial, but we also offer group therapy in some medical fields, among those - for continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients, parents of children on dialysis, patients facing cardio-thoracic surgery, patients before discharge, hematology patients, diabetic children, women hospitalized due to high-risk pregnancy and more. Other group sessions open whenever the need arises from the patients or the medical staff. 

The social workers also fulfill a vital role in the hospital's preparedness to treat mass-casualty events and terror attacks. In addition, they assist patients and family members with the more technical aspects of the hospital stay. 

Our staff helps people from all walks of life and all ages:
•    Patients facing complicated illnesses, chronic diseases and infectious diseases, cancer patients, dialysis patients, terminally ill and patients with various disabilities
•    At-risk populations: children, elderly, lone patients, Holocaust survivors, drug and alcohol addicts and homeless people
•    Pregnant women, women undergoing fertility treatments, women who mothered a special-needs child and women who lost a pregnancy
•    Family violence
•    Trauma victims: car accidents, work-related accidents, home accidents, victims of terror attacks and other mass-casualty events
•    Foreign workers, stateless patients
•    Mentally ill
We have on staff 29 experienced social workers, most of them hold an MSW with specialization in specific medical fields and they routinely participate in conferences, professional forums and advanced courses in Israel and abroad. 


Mrs. Amalia Oren

Tel: 972-2-6555136


Main Building, 6th Floor