The cafeteria is located on the 4th floor and is open Sun-Thu, 8am-7pm.
Coffee carts are located on floors 2, 4 and 9.
Vending machines can be found on each floor, in the family rooms and on the 8th floor balcony.

Gift shop
The shop is located on the 4th floor, next to the hospital entrance. 
Hours: Sun-Thu, 7:30am-8:30pm; Fri, 7:30am-3pm.
Phone: 02-6514176

Orthopedic Pharm
Located inside the gift shop (4th floor). Orthopedic products can be purchased on the premises. 
Hours: Sun-Thu, 8am-7pm; Fri, 8am-1pm.

The bank (Mizrahi Tefahot) is located on the 4th floor, to the right of the lobby (next to the cafeteria). 
Hours: Sun-Thu, 8am-12pm.
Adjacent to the bank is a 24/7 ATM.

Ya'el (Yad Ezer LaCholeh)
The store is located on the 3rd floor, next to the stairs. 
Ya’el offers a gift cart and a mobile library. You can rent/borrow music players and audio recordings of lectures and songs. 
Phone: 02-6555392
The hospital hotel has nine guest rooms. Each room has two separate beds, a shower and a rest room.
The hotel is intended for family members of hospitalized patients. For reservations (subject to availability) please contact the housekeeping department on the 3rd floor or by phone 02-6555011.
Hotel Rimonim is walking distance from the hospital. Reservations at 03-6754591 or *6333.
Ahuzat Rubinstein, a convalescent home providing round-the-clock care and supervision is opposite the hospital. For more information call 1-800-222-999.

Ramat Beit HaKerem Commercial Center
Located across from the hospital – a book store, a bank (HaPoalim), a pharmacy, restaurants, coffee shops, a supermarket and more.