A terror victim treated at Shaare Zedek, gave a special performance to honor the trauma teams



A special tribute event for the trauma teams of Jerusalem took place on Thursday, March 3, at Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Gilad Mezamer, a gifted musician who was severely injured in a terror attack last November in Kiryat Arba, chose to show his appreciation to all the emergency medical workers of the city in this touching concert.
Mezamer was brought to Shaare Zedek Medical Center after being stabbed and suffering a tear to his carotid artery. Through his hospitalization and recovery all he wondered about was when will he be able to play again. A week later he was discharged and returned to his music, but didn't forget the dedicated men and women who saved his life and wished to express his respect to their vital work.
The audience at the tribute event was comprised of other victims of terror attacks who were treated at Shaare Zedek, along with MDA teams, senior IDF and Ministry of Health representatives and Shaare Zedek's trauma teams. Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld, mother of Malachi Rosenfeld z"l that was fatally wounded in a shooting in Binyamin, was invited to talk about life after such a loss. 
The emotional evening included a spectacular performance of Mezamer with members of his father's band, his brother Tomer Mezamer, a soldier in the IDF Armored Corp who was injured on duty during Operation Protective Edge, and other musical family members. Prof. Jonathan Halevy, Shaare Zedek Director General, greeted the guests, Dr. Ofer Merin, Deputy Director General for Medicine and Director of the Trauma Unit, talked about the intricacies of treating trauma victims, and Dr. Muli Lahad, a clinical psychologist, gave a lecture about dealing with trauma. 
Mezamer's mother, Merav, said during the event "thank you for letting me continue being a mother to Gilad. What happened in those crucial hours will take me a long time to process, but one thing is very clear to me - from now on, I am not Gilad's only mother, each person who treated him has a part in his rebirth and each one of you has a great privilege to give new life not just to Gilad but to all of us, his family and friends. Without his survival our lives would've been very different. You were there for him without expecting or wanting anything in return. Thank you." 
Mrs. Rosenfeld thanked the devoted staff that did all in their power to try and save her son, and Mr. Eliezer Rosenfeld, who couldn't attend the event for medical reasons, filmed a short segment for the event where he thanked the trauma teams and dedicated a special melody on the flute. "You teach us true brotherhood. We choose to continue living and remembering despite the sorrow. I continue this melody that I started at a young age and thank you for the vital part you take in saving lives".