Headaches! Headaches!


A new clinic specializing in solutions to all types of headaches has been opened at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.


After chatting to the patient and diagnosing the headache, precise diagnosis of the pain and complementary tests, the clinic offers the most advanced treatments available, including injections if necessary, electric stimulation, drug treatment and advice for maintaining an appropriate healthy lifestyle, physical exercise and the correct nutrition.
Director of the new clinic is Dr. Avi Ashkenazi, a headache specialist who has undergone comprehensive training in headache diagnosis and treatment in the US. The clinic is part of the extensive Brain Unit at Shaare Zedek, which provides responses to all neurological areas: brain catheterization, stroke treatment, neurological surgery, and more.
Already, patients who have suffered for years from headaches that affected their functioning and quality of life have received treatment that has changed their lives for the better.
For example, a young pregnant woman came in suffering from an inexplicable headache. After a comprehensive examination it was decided that it wasn't a migraine or a regular headache and so doctors sent her for a quick CT scan.

The scan revealed a blood clot in the brain, but thanks to the diagnosis she was able to receive the right treatment and the danger was removed.
Director-General of Shaare Zedek, Prof. Ofer Marin: "In recent years, Shaare Zedek has become the national leader in the area of the brain, stroke treatments and more. The Headache Clinic we have just opened is another stage in our comprehensive treatment package and will provide solutions for many patients who have suffered for years from headaches without ever receiving the correct diagnosis and treatment."
Dr. Ashkenazi: "Treating chronic headaches has advanced tremendously over the last few years and today there are a range of responses to people who have suffered for years. Our unique specialization at Shaare Zedek is great news for patients who will now be able to improve their quality of life in a very significant way."