Treating Hearts Already in the Ambulance


Shaare Zedek Medical Center and the Israeli Paramedics Organization ran a study day dealing with new developments in treating cardiac incidents.


The special day was initiated by Prof. Michael Glikson, Director of the Integrated Heart Unit at Shaare Zedek, Cardiologist Dr. Amir Orlev, Chairperson of the National Paramedics organization, David Yelnik, Magen David Adom's (MDA) Paramedic Supervisor for the Jerusalem Region, Re'em Naimi, and around 100 paramedics attended from all over the country.
The paramedics were trained as to which patients were suitable for mechanical hemodynamic support, how to treat them upon the arrival of the first responders and the importance of the treatment chain for these patients. Shaare Zedek leads the field of mechanical hemodynamic treatment for heart patients, while using the ECMO and Impella machines, and implanting an LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) in terminal heart failure patients, using the advanced HeartMate 3, a device already implanted in a number of patients this year.
The event was opened by Director-General Prof. Ofer Marin and the Director of MDA's Medical Division, Dr. Rafi Strugo, who spoke about the important relationship between MDA and Shaare Zedek, the correct and fast treatment at the scene by the paramedics and the fast transfer for treatment at Shaare Zedek, which has proved to be lifesaving.
Similarly, participants heard lectures from Shaare Zedek heart surgeons and cardiologists: Dr. Danny Fink, Dr. Rafi Woolf, Dr. Elad Asher, Dr. Udi Jacobson, Dr. Amir Orlev, and Nurse Avital Lifschitz.
Prof. Marin: "Last week, the Health Ministry announced that Shaare Zedek Medical Center is one of the top three centers in Israel for fast and lifesaving heart catherization, saving lives within 90 minutes of the patient's arrival. The vast experience and knowledge in our Heart Unit and the critical importance of fast treatment make the relationship between Shaare Zedek and MDA paramedics all the more precious. We praise this study day and will continue to strengthen our connections and partnerships with you."
Dr. Rafi Strugo: "The Medical Division at MDA takes the professional advancement of all of its medical and paramedical teams very seriously. One of the most efficient and important ways to do this is having our paramedics meet hospital doctors and nurses. They discuss issues at the heart of their cooperative work, while strengthening partnerships and mutual productivity, all for the purpose of making treatment for the patient more efficient and improved. I thank Shaare Zedek for this successful day, which has become a welcome tradition."
Prof. Michael Glikson, Director of the Integrated Heart Unit: "In the current era, we must be ready to give every possible treatment to those suffering from heart problems and failure including mechanical support. The link between us and the paramedics and MDA is natural and critical. Our joint work, sharing knowledge and treatment methods and making the process more efficient – from the paramedics at the scene to the doctors and heart surgeons at Shaare Zedek – leads to saving lives."