Emergency Operation Removes Keys from 10-month-old Baby's Chest


after an X-ray revealed he had swallowed a pair of keys!


During Rosh Hashanah, a 10-month-old baby was rushed in to Shaare Zedek, after an X-ray revealed he had swallowed a pair of keys! He immediately underwent surgery to successfully remove the keys via the esophagus.

The parents told us that the infant had been coughing, had an intermittent temperature for a few days and was not his usual self. They had been to the Kupat Holim, where the boy was treated with no suspicion of anything unusual.

After his temperature rose again, the parents decided to go to Terem, the emergency clinic, where the doctor sent them for an X-ray to check out possible pneumonia. To their utmost shock, the screen showed a pair of keys wedged in the baby's esophagus! At that point they rushed him to Shaare Zedek where everything worked out fine in the end.

"It was a big miracle," said the boy's father. "There was no sign he had swallowed any keys and I am so grateful we discovered the problem before any damage was caused. I thank the team at Shaare Zedek for their fast and professional treatment, thanks to which we were able to return home with a healthy, happy baby." 

Dr. Ohad Cohen, an ENT specialist in the team that treated the boy, said, "After we realized the keys had been stuck in the baby's esophagus for more than a week, we rushed him straight to the operating room, to remove them before any other damage could ensue. I am very happy we managed to get the keys out smoothly. Unfortunately, we come across many cases of babies' swallowing objects, but large metal keys in a child of this age and for so long is quite rare. I ask parents to pay extra attention to their children and to keep them away from small objects, like batteries and magnets, etc. that they can easily swallow or suck up. If you have any suspicion that your baby has swallowed or inhaled something, seek immediate medical assistance so that the problem can be identified and the damage reduced or prevented."