Stethoscopes Even Before Driving Tests


New Initiative for Matriculation Studies in Medicine in Middle School


A new and fascinating study track was opened this year in the "Alma Emunah" Ulpana (formerly the Emunah Arts Ulpana), in partnership with Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Nursing School and with the support of the Jerusalem Municipality – matriculation studies in health and medical sciences.

It's a new course of study for a 15-unit matriculation: 5 units of Biology, 5 units of Medicine, and 5 on a final project, all of which will give the students extensive knowledge in Life Sciences and Medicine. The uniqueness of the course is that it already starts in Grade 7. The curriculum includes a visit to the different hospital departments, exposure to medical ethical issues, helping integrate children with special needs and familiarity with their health needs. The studies themselves are in a combined format of theoretical and practical, experiential study at the Nursing School on the Shaare Zedek Campus. In addition, there are also weekly mentor studies with a student/medical counselor.

Among the topics studied in class with the Year 6 student: the human body (breathing, heart, etc.), cancer, hygiene, immunology, hematology, dreams and sleep, summer injuries. Practical study includes operating on limbs, bandaging wounds, medical suturing, and more. During their studies, the students will meet with senior doctors, a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, nurses, a medical clown and others.

When they reach Grade 10, the students also participate in an MDA course. Moreover, the study track has great social and educational value since the girls come to Shaare Zedek Medical Center to volunteer every week in Pediatric ER, where they operate different arts and crafts stations for the children waiting for treatment.

From the Jerusalem Municipality: "the new study course provides a new and exciting horizon for Jerusalem schoolgirls. Their future is the future of Jerusalem. That's why we at the Municipality are always looking for new and creative ways to invest in future generations. We wish the students in this new course every success!"

Tami Glatt, Director of the Nursing School at Shaare Zedek: "Every year, Shaare Zedek's Nursing School trains dozens of nurses who are able to find work across the health system in Israel. We see great importance in working together with the community to raise awareness about health and are happy to play our part in a program that exposes young girls to health-promoting behavior – for themselves and for their close circle of family and community."