The tragic death of Tamar Fenigstein



Director-General of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Prof. Ofer Merin, Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz, and Director-General of the Volunteer Association, Yaron Lutz, met with girls doing National Service at Shaare Zedek, in the wake of the tragic death of Tamar Fenigstein z"l [who also served in Shaare Zedek], to talk to them and to give them and the professional staff some words of encouragement.

The meeting, which took place at Shaare Zedek, was also attended by the Director of Social Services at Shaare Zedek, Ravit Zamir, and the Director of the Volunteering Service, Ayelet Cohen, who had accompanied Tamar in her first three months at the hospital.

Education Minister, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, said: "I visited the Fenigstein home this morning and I heard much about Tamar. It's a huge tragedy. Her impressive character comes out of all the many stories… it was very important for me to come to Shaare Zedek to talk and listen to the National Service boys and girls who served together with Tamar. They have been through a very difficult and tragic experience, and we are here to give them the necessary help and support. Our hearts are shocked and pained together with Tamar's family and friends. We will continue to be in contact with Director-General of the Medical Center, Prof. Merin, and the Director-General of the Volunteer Association, Yaron Lutz, so we can provide the most appropriate response."

The Minister told the girls: "Good. That was Tamar's message. That's what she wanted to be. To continue to do good is her legacy. Doing good, being happy with the good, and adding good – that's what she said and that's what we will do."

Director-General, Prof. Ofer Merin: "We are pained by Tamar's tragic death. Since the incident, I have been hearing from many sources here at Shaare Zedek just how much Tamar impacted them and how much she lit up the faces of everyone she met, whether patients or staff. We closely accompany our 150 National Service volunteers with emotional and mental support so that they can best cope with the tragedy. These girls are part of the Shaare Zedek family and we will embrace them and help them with whatever is needed."

Director-General of the Volunteer Association, Yaron Lutz: "The stories of Tamar's special character and her activities testify to the very strong connection Tamar had with the spirit of giving that one feels around the hospital. Shaare Zedek is special. Here they really invest in the National Service boys and girls within the regular teams and that's what makes the difference. Shaare Zedek knows how to nurture them and that's why it's one of the most popular placements, and today that has received further expression through your amazing and comprehensive treatment of this incident, which is not something to be taken for granted at all."