A Month After the Horrific Accident


Ephraim Rimmel Discharged from Shaare Zedek Medical Center to Rehabilitation at Tel HaShomer


Ephraim arrived at Shaare Zedek in critical condition, with multiple injuries, and was treated in the Trauma Unit, the Intensive Care Unit and the Surgery Department, undergoing a number of complicated operations that furthered his progress.

Prof. Ofer Merin, Director-General of Shaare Zedek, came to see Ephraim off as he left the hospital: "We are very moved today to see you after the complex process you've been through. Your treatment involved many teams from many departments, all of whom were fully committed to your recovery and today all of us are overjoyed to see your astonishing progress. From the very first moment we saw your rare inner strength, stronger than anything, and we are confident that you will overcome it all. We wish you, and Itai and all the family a fully and speedy recovery."

Ephraim's son, 12-year-old Itai, is still hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit with severe head injuries and is showing very small improvements.

Ephraim Rimmel thanked the medical teams from all the departments: "I was taught that one has to be grateful for the bad as well as the good and there are so many people here at Shaare Zedek that I must thank, and to them I owe my life and Itai's life. I thank the entire hospital staff, from the nurses I just met in Pediatric Intensive Care with Itai, and the Surgery team, the Trauma team and the Intensive Care teams for treating Itai and me with such warmth and dedication. I'm leaving Itai here in your capable hands for continued treatment and pray that just as you treated and succeeded with me, we should see similar results with Itai."

Ephraim will return soon for checks and routine monitoring at Shaare Zedek.

Dr. Alon Schwartz, Director of the Trauma Unit at Shaare Zedek: "We are so excited to be here today and to have witnessed the awesome journey you Ephraim and Itai have made here since the accident. We have learned so much from your strength and your amazing family support in what was a very difficult and challenging situation. We are overjoyed that we are here today to share the progress you have made."

Dr. Phillip Levin, Director of Intensive Care: "We see you today after we couldn’t really speak too much when you first came in because you were under heavy sedation. You have been through an inexplicable tragedy and your parents also deserve a huge thank you for their support for you and their encouragement for us. We wish you a return to complete health and every success in the future."