All Babies Born at SZMC to be Wrapped in Special Sleeping Bags Designed for Safer Sleep and Cot Death Prevention


Research suggests that cotton sleeping bags can reduce cot deaths by as much as 65%.


First in Israel: All Babies Born at Shaare Zedek Medical Center to be Wrapped in Special Sleeping Bags Designed for Safer Sleep and Cot Death Prevention 

Shaare Zedek Medical Center has recently begun implementing a new protocol to increase sleep safety among newborn babies and to reduce the risk of cot death: all babies born in the hospital will be wrapped in special sleeping bags which help ensure safer sleep and reduce the risks of cot death.

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The sleeping bags, produced in accordance with the recommendations of the International Pediatric Association, have been in use in the US since 2016 and proven that it is highly recommended to place the baby in a sleeping bag rather than blankets.

Dr. Anat Shatz, Founder of the Pediatric Sleep Breathing Clinic at Shaare Zedek, who also serves as the Chairperson of ATID, an NGO set up to prevent sudden infant death and Executive Board Member at the International Society for Preventing Infant Death (ISPD): "Many studies have confirmed that using blankets – which tend to move and cover the baby's face, or are too thick and warm the baby too much – increase the risks of cot death. In contrast, studies have discovered that using sleeping bags reduces the risk by 65% and they also preserve a constant body temperature."

"Shaare Zedek's new sleeping bags are made of tightly woven cotton suitable for the recommended room temperature in Israel (22-23 degrees), which prevents overheating. The bags lack sleeves, which means freedom for the arms and the neck opening is not too wide as to cover the face. The bags need to be appropriate for the baby's age and weight. Using the new sleeping bags will lead to a significant reduction in the risk factors involved in cot death, and will allow the baby to sleep securely and calmly, not to mention the parents."

Prof. Ofer Merin, Director-General Shaare Zedek: "Maintaining the safety of newborn babies is crucial and we are proud that Shaare Zedek, the largest birthing center in Israel, with more than 22,000 births a year, is leading this important move for our children's safety."


Reminders: Instructions for Safe Sleep for Infants (ATID)

Every time you put your baby to sleep – day or night – always be sure to lay the baby on its back.

Use a hard mattress and an exact-fitting, taut sheet in a bed or a cot recognized by the safety standards authorities.

Share the bedroom with your baby – lay him or her in a cot or a separate bed in the parents' room, close to the parents' bed, up to six months and preferably up to a year.

Do not lay your baby in the parents' or siblings' beds, on a sofa, armchair or chair without close supervision.

Do not lay the baby to sleep in a car seat, a buggy or in any other place, such as a trampoline. Always put them to sleep in a cot or bed.

Keep the sleep area clear of soft objects like pillows, sheets and headrests.

Completely desist from smoking during pregnancy and near the baby.

Do not heat the room too much. The recommended temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.

Do not clothe he baby with too many layers.

Try to breastfeed – breastfeeding is also a major factor in preventing cot deaths.

At sleep time, offer the baby a clean and dry pacifier (not attached to a chain or string, etc.) after about a month, once the breastfeeding routine has been established.

Do not rely on a home monitor to prevent cot death.

For further information: or the hotline 02-6666833.