Health Ministry Survey Ranks Shaare Zedek as Top Jerusalem Hospital in Patient Satisfaction


Following an intensive two years where Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center was the most active Jerusalem hospital in Corona cases treated, the hospital has once again earned the trust of the people of the city with 91 percent of the people surveyed responding that they feel in good hands at Shaare Zedek


The survey, conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health, questioned patients on a variety of factors relating to their treatment including consistency of care, accessibility to information and updates, communication skills of the staff, and overall satisfaction. In response to questions about the efficacy of the care they received, 89 percent of patients responded positively, an increase of 9 percent since the survey was first conducted in 2014. 

The results position Shaare Zedek among the national leaders in patient satisfaction. In particular, patients in the Internal Medicine departments reported an 83 percent level of satisfaction, and in the surgery departments 86 percent- above the national averages. The survey found that the most important factors for patients surrounded the staff’s availability to communicate with patients and provide ongoing information, respond when they were in pain and discomfort, and a high level of attention on the safety of the patient.

The results are a reflection of the hospital’s ongoing investment in upgrading the overall patient experience through increased staffing and the establishment of a patient advocacy service in all medical departments. The hospital is currently developing a digital platform that will further enhance this area of care and reduce bureaucracy for patient reporting and monitoring. Every morning, the hospital administration performs a review of patient activity with a focus on identifying areas where care can be improved. 

Shaare Zedek Director General Prof. Ofer Merin responded to the survey results saying: “In 2021 we dealt with significant operational challenges emanating from the pandemic combined with an escalation in security-related tensions. Despite those challenges, we were proud to be able to continue to see this increase in patient satisfaction which we know is a reflection of our unprecedented investment in the relevant areas of care and placing increased attention on the overall patient experience. We pledge to continue to enhance this central aspect of care and work to further enhance Shaare Zedek’s reputation for advanced and compassionate medicine for the people of Jerusalem.”