2015-2016 (5776) News Summary


The Shaare Zedek Medical Center continued its trend of innovation and growth with the aim of providing its patients with the best possible care. The hospital introduced brand new equipment, innovative services and breakthrough treatments and new departments were established. Over the past year, hospital activity continued to rise: approximately 144,000 patients were seen in the Emergency Medicine departments, there were more than 83,000 hospitalizations, approximately 33,000 operations and almost 22,000 births at Shaare Zedek and its Bikur Cholim branch.


Tishrei (September 2015)

  • Obstetrics Expanded to Include a Large and Fully Equipped Obstetrics ER and Four New Delivery Rooms

A spacious ER with comfortable reception rooms offering privacy for every mother. Four new and upgraded delivery rooms were opened. By the end of the year we expect to add another nine new delivery rooms to the 12 already in action.

Cheshvan (October 2015)

  • New Entrance to the Medical Center Building

The new entrance connects the New Generation Building (including the Wilf Children’s Hospital) to the old building.

  • Intrabeam System Purchased for Focused, Radiation-Reducing Breast Cancer Treatment

The Intrabeam is an intra-operational radiation machine allowing focused, one-time radiation to remove cancerous growths during breast lumpectomies. This treatment saves patients a series of about 20 radiation treatments – as is common today – often accompanied by severe side effects.

Kislev (November 2015)

  • New Surgical Robot Joins Shaare Zedek

We have begun using the most advanced model of the da-Vinci medical robot, which helps surgeons perform the most sensitive and precise laparoscopic procedures, including in areas with difficult accessibility. For the first time in Israel a stenosis operation was performed at Shaare Zedek using the da-Vinci robot on the renal pelvic aperture of an 11-month-old baby. The baby was released in good condition less than 48 hours after the operation.

Tevet (December 2015)

  • Innovative Treatment Could Make Lung Transplants Redundant in Chronic Pulmonary Emphysema Cases

An advanced treatment for chronic pulmonary emphysema has been introduced in the Pulmonary Institute at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, first performed on a female patient on the waiting list for a lung transplant. 

Shevat (January 2016) 

  • Stroke Unit Opened

The new unit – under the direction of Dr. Roni Eichal – offers fast, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for stroke patients. This new service will help prevent recurring strokes in patients who have suffered transient or light strokes in the past.

Adar (February, March 2016)
 - Improving Ambulatory Services 

  • Blood Cells Institute Moves to New Home

The Unit’s new inclusive approach enables patients to benefit from the gamut of ambulatory services for Vascular Surgery and Dialysis Access Surgery under one roof.

  • Breast Surgery Unit Moves to New Home

The unit is located near the Mammography Institute, allowing for localized and comfortable diagnosis and treatment with all the necessary equipment on the same floor.  

  • Ambulatory Floor Inaugurated at the Wilf Children’s Hospital

The new floor coordinates all pediatric ambulatory services under one roof – day care, rheumatology, hematology, gastroenterology, nephrology, dialysis, pulmonary services, orthopedics, diabetes and more.

Nissan (April 2016)

  • An Evening of Tribute to the Trauma Teams

A special evening of appreciation for the trauma teams who treated hundreds of patients who were injured in the wave of terror and referred to Shaare Zedek, with all levels of injuries.

Iyar (May 2016)

  • Advanced SpyGlass Machine Now in Use

The new machine allows for more accurate diagnosis and more advanced treatment possibilities during ERCP examinations on the biliary tract and pancreas, including using a laser to crush stones in the main bile duct.

Sivan (June 2016)

  • New Scoliosis Treatment Comes to Jerusalem

The first operation of its kind in Jerusalem – implanting magnetic lengthening rods in the spine – was performed on a 9-year-old girl. The treatment allows the spine to grow normally in adolescent patients. 

Tammuz (July 2016)

  • New Sports Medicine Center Opens, led by Prof. Na’ama Constantini 

The new center offers diagnostic, consulting and treatment services to all in the field of physical fitness and health, including professional athletes and sports teams.

Av (August 2016)

  • Heart Catheterization Unit Receives Recognition as an International Center of Excellence

Shaare Zedek’s Heart Catheterization Unit – which hosts thousands of procedures every year – was recognized by Abbott as an International Center of Excellence. The unit is a pioneer in operating new technologies and innovative treatment methods. In the past year, the first ever artificial ring heart valve implant was performed during catheterization. The procedure was carried out by a designated Heart Team comprised of members of Shaare Zedek’s Cardiology and Thoracic Surgery Departments. 

  • Advanced Catheterization Room Opens New Treatment Possibilities

A brand new Catheterization Room was dedicated in the Catheterization Unit, now enabling heart surgeons, cardiologists and other members of the multi-disciplinary heart team to cooperate with greater safety in complex procedures on patients at high risk.

Elul (September 2016)
First Brain Catheterization – led by Dr. Kobi Amsalem, Director of the Interventional Neuro-Radiology Unit