Adolescents with eating disorders are hospitalized in the Pediatric Department. There is a special area for youth (subject to availability.) Adolescents are generally hospitalized for the purpose of stabilizing their medical condition according to accepted international criteria for eating disorder hospitalization: bradycardia, significant orthostatic change, low blood pressure, hypothermia, electrolytic disorder, weight lower than 75% of ideal body weight, insistent refusal to eat, vomiting blood and suspicion of esophageal tears.

We ask parents to be present during meals and we provide them with training regarding eating disorders and how to monitor eating. We also administer supportive emotional treatment during the young person’s stay in hospital. And of course select the appropriate treatments for each individual. The department’s social worker offers parental support and psychiatric drug treatment can also be given if necessary.

The entire staff has been through specialist training in the field of adolescent eating disorders. They consult with other specialists (cardiologists, psychiatrists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, etc.) if and when necessary.

After obtaining medical stability, we discharge the patient for further ambulatory treatment. In some cases, psychiatric hospitalization is required.