Director – Dr. Shelly ben Harush-Nagari
Pediatrician and graduate of the Adolescent Medicine specialist program at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio, USA. Experience in eating disorders treatment, first response adolescent medicine and consultancy.

Clinical Psychologists
Mrs. Avital Ra’am
Mr. Yosef Nachum
Both have a lot of experience with youth, with specialization in eating disorders and obesity.

Clinical Dieticians
Mrs. Sigalit Cohen Tzabar
Mrs. Devorah Jesselson

Social Workers
Mrs. Anat Meller
Mrs. Saja Abed Al Rahman

Nurses – Children’s Day Hospitalization

Staff of the Lincoln David Abraham Pediatric Educational Institute
Music therapist
Animal therapist
Art therapists
Educational advisor

The team addresses all aspects of the adolescent’s treatment – medical, nutritional and psychological. They also work very closely with the patients’ families.